Howard Gleckman, President

Howard Gleckman is a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, where he is affiliated with the Tax Policy Center and the Retirement Policy Program. He speaks and writes frequently on aging and caregiving. He is the author of Caring for Our Parents: Inspiring Stories of Families Seeking New Solutions to America’s Most Urgent Health Care Crisis, as well as two regular columns that can be read on Forbes.com. In 2016, he was named one of the nation’s top 50 Influencers in Aging by Next Avenue.

Gleckman became interested in aging issues when he and his wife helped care for their parents: “It was the toughest thing I ever did, but also the most rewarding.”

Before joining the Urban Institute, Gleckman was a senior correspondent in the Washington bureau of Business Week, where he covered health and elder care, as well as tax and budget issues, for nearly 20 years. He was a 2003 National Magazine Award finalist for a story called The Coming Revolution in Health Care.

Gleckman also was a Media Fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation and a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

He is a member of the Johns Hopkins Health System’s National Capital Region Executive Governance Committee and a trustee of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Patient Safety and Quality Committee. He is the former chair of the board of trustees of Suburban Hospital (Bethesda MD) and former president of Tifereth Israel Congregation (Washington, DC).

He lives in Kensington, Md. with his wife, Ann Kline, a retired hospice chaplain.

Executive Committee of the Board of Directors 

Terms expire at the Annual Meeting in the fall of 2021.

    President: Howard Gleckman
    First Vice President: Jeffrey Lipson
    Second Vice President: Herbert Mintz
    Third Vice President: Marion Kristal Goldberg
    Secretary: Ronna Borenstein-Levy
    Assistant Secretary: Nancy Fiedelman
    Treasurer: Scot Farrell
    Assistant Treasurer: Donald Silverstein
    Parliamentarian: Debra Liverpool
    Members at Large: Vivien Hsueh and Thomas West
    As CEO, David Gamse serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of the Board and its Executive Committee.

    Board Class of 2021

    Terms expire at the Annual Meeting in the fall of 2021.

      Marc Berman
      Phyllis Coburn
      Richard Galen
      Jay Goldman 
      Judit Illes
      Deborah Korth
      Kenneth Simonson, Presidential Appointee 

      Board Class of 2022                                                                                                                                                                        

      Terms expire at the Annual Meeting in the fall of 2022.

        Ira Bartfield
        Darryl Hill
        Daniel Hodin
        John Shuchart
        Vickie Witkin
        Stephen Wolk

        Board Class of 2023

        Terms expire at the Annual Meeting in the fall of 2023.

          Barbara Etkind
          Lynn Friss Feinberg
          Vivien Hsueh
          Ronald Paul
          Thomas West
          Gregory Wims

          Norman Goldstein and Natalie Cantor, our two most recent Past Presidents, serve as voting members of the Board.

          Past Presidents

          • George Hurwitz of blessed memory, 1973-1975
          • Julius Sankin of blessed memory, 1975-1978
          • Rosalie B. Gerber of blessed memory, 1978-1980
          • Saul I. Stern of blessed memory, 1980-1982
          • Sidney Z. Mensh of blessed memory, 1982-1984
          • Samuel J. Gorlitz of blessed memory, 1984-1986
          • William H. Goldwater of blessed memory, 1986-1988
          • Irvin A. Lavine of blessed memory, 1988-1990
          • Lawrence L. Levin, 1990
          • Stella M. Bernstein of blessed memory, 1990-1992
          • Sylvia Raphael, 1992-1994
          • Win Greenwald, of blessed memory, 1994-1996
          • Sally M. Herman, 1996-1998
          • Judith S. Ball, 1998-2000
          • Michael Goldberg, 2000-2002
          • Elaine Kotell Binder, 2002-2004
          • Richard Dine, 2004-2006
          • Ed Bonder, 2006-2008
          • Linda Kaplan, 2008-2010
          • Barbara S. Mintz, 2010-2012
          • Samuel G. Kaplan, 2012-2014
          • Sheldon Grosberg, of blessed memory, 2014-2016
          • Natalie Cantor, 2016-2018
          • Norman Goldstein, 2018-2020

          Senior Staff

          • David Gamse


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          • Micki Gordon

            Assistant CEO / Senior Director, Development

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          • Kevin Feltz

            Senior Director of Finance and Administration

            Email Stephen
          • Kathi Dennis

            Senior Director, Heyman Interages Center

            Email Leah
          • Sara Fought

            Senior Director, Center for Information Services

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          David Gamse, Chief Executive Officer

          David Gamse is a gerontologist who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Council for the Aging since 1990. At JCA, he plays a pivotal role in creating and managing innovative and cost-effective programs that help seniors thrive and that build intergenerational connections.  

          More than 90 staff and interns and 1,300 volunteers rely on his leadership, and together they serve more than 30,000 older adults and family caregivers each year through transportation services, senior employment programs, intergenerational activities, adult day services, public information programs and more. Concurrently, David serves as CEO of the National Center for Productive Aging™, JCA’s consulting arm.  

          Over the years, David has led workshops and symposia on issues of aging and nonprofit management for a wide range of public and private organizations including the American Management Association, the White House Conference on Aging and the U.S. Department of Labor. He has represented U.S. policy on aging at international conferences of the United Nations and Israeli Gerontological Society. He has authored many articles about productive aging and service delivery.  

          Prior to joining JCA, David was a senior manager at AARP, a multi-million-member association. Earlier, he was an adjunct faculty member at the University of South Florida’s Aging Studies Program, from which he graduated and later received an Eminent Graduate Award. David is also a recipient of the Florida Board of Regents’ Distinguished Scholarship Award and the Seabury Leadership in Aging Award.

          David is a member of the American Society of Association Executives, the Gerontological Society of America, the Executive Directors & Headmasters Council of Jewish Agencies in the metro Washington, D.C. region, and the Age-Friendly Montgomery Leadership Group (formerly the Senior Subcabinet). He was a founding board member of WorkSource Montgomery.

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