Misler Center

We are very sorry to announce that as of Friday, March 20, 2020, the Misler Center will be closed.

The Albert & Helen Misler Adult Day Center in Rockville, Maryland provides stimulating activities, socialization and nursing supervision for older adults with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges. Services include door-to-door transportation and hot kosher lunches. Grants and special funds cover a portion of the daily fees.

It was such a relief to find a place where mom was not only cared for but also welcomed with loving arms. I can’t tell you how much it meant to her.

Who We Serve

The participants at Misler come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of the Greater Washington area. People of all faiths and ethnic groups attend the Misler Center.

Our participants are all living in community settings – some live with spouses, others with adult children, some in group homes/assisted living residences and some even live on their own!

The older adults who attend Misler may be:

  • Socially isolated
  • Dealing with medical, cognitive or emotional challenges
  • Dependent on others for care needs

All our participants want to stay in the community, living as independently as possible. The Misler Center is able to help them achieve this goal, providing regular health supervision and an enriched environment with social, physical and cognitive stimulation. At Misler, we believe that it is as important to nourish the spirit as it is to nurture health!

Adult day centerProgram Details

Misler is a friendly and vibrant, non-sectarian adult day center for older adults with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges. Licensed by the State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Quality, Misler provides assistance and stimulation by an interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers, activities leaders and aides.

Misler Center services and activitiesAt Misler, staff all work together to provide an encouraging and supportive therapeutic environment for participants.

I’m never bored here. There is always something interesting going on.

Our staff to participant ratio goes well beyond the requirements of the State of Maryland, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Door-to-door, fully accessible transportation provided by JCA’s ElderBus fleet
  • A daily choice among a variety of activities designed to meet a range of interests, needs and abilities and provide enriched cognitive and physical stimulation
  • Health services from RNs – monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, weight; medication administration
  • Assistance with every day activities from certified nursing assistants and geriatric aides
  • Social work services, including support for both participants and their families
  • Easy access to physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • On-site regular podiatry services
  • Nutritious and hot four course Kosher meals and snacks, with attention to special diets

There is not a day that goes by that my Mom does not talk about her day at Misler and how wonderful it was….It is clear that Misler has become her home.


As a non-profit, mission driven program, the Misler Center provides a cost effective solution for people who need assistance and stimulation during the day. The daily charge is based on a sliding scale and families will find that the costs will be far less than the equivalent number of hours of in-home care or of institutional placement.

You are not a stranger here. Everyone understands you.

Using a variety of sources of financial assistance — a grant from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Medicaid waivers where appropriate; VA benefits; Montgomery County Senior Care program funds; or Misler Scholarship funds, we are committed to delivering service, no matter what someone’s financial circumstances might be.

Health Services

Staffed with RN’s and geriatric aides, our health staff can take care of participants’ medical needs. Our nurses administer medications, monitor blood pressure, and provide overall nursing management of chronic medical conditions. Our geriatric aides assist with activities of daily living, helping with personal care related to ambulation and toileting.

With so much hands-on care, it is no wonder that the health staff are often the first to notice physical or cognitive changes in a participant. Regular communication with families and physicians assure that care needs are followed up on swiftly. In addition, nurses lead monthly interactive discussion groups with participants on a variety of health and nutrition topics.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you…for not only helping my father be all he is capable of being at this difficult time in his life, but also for giving me and the rest of my family the security of knowing that when he is not with us, he is still safe, secure and stimulated.

Social Work Services

Our social workers are at the front lines at the Misler Center. They are usually the first staff members to handle inquiry calls from families and others seeking information about the Center. They personally guide families and participants through the intake process, and help to make the transition to the Center an easy and seamless process.

Once a participant has joined the Center, the social work staff stays in regular contact with families, providing updates on participant progress and using their vast knowledge of community resources to help families with care needs. In addition, they lead on-going support groups for both participants and family caregivers.

I believe that my father received a great deal from the program. In addition to socialization, I know that he felt he was being cared for.

Transportation Services

Misler Adult Day Center is able to provide critically needed transportation to many of our participants using the JCA ElderBus fleet. Each day, trained drivers who are sensitive to the needs of older adults are out in neighborhoods surrounding the Center, providing roundtrip door-to-door service to those who live within our pick up area. Our fleet of accessible buses can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.


Activity programming is at the heart of the Misler Center experience. Days at Misler are filled with enriching activities, with programs tailored to meet the needs of people with a range of cognitive and physical abilities.

Throughout the day, there are two activity periods and participants select from at least two choices each time. Staff are always there to help those who need encouragement. For those with memory loss, it is all about staying “in the moment.” For those with physical challenges, we strive to maximize capabilities, no matter what the diagnosis. Our goal is to exercise all the “muscles” of the person – the body and the mind!

Since it is almost 6 years since his severe stroke, his abilities and very few, but it is a tribute to your programs and staff that he always wants to attend…

The monthly activities calendar is very popular among participants and families alike. It illustrates the planning of the staff for activities that include:

  • Discussion groups on topics ranging from current events to ancient philosophy
  • Physical exercise, including strength training, chair aerobics, stretching and games
  • Therapeutic arts and crafts projects
  • Writing workshops and literature based activities
  • Musical performances and programs by local artists, including opera, and instrumental and vocal performances by community and school groups
  • Word games
  • Reminiscing programs
  • Field trips/outings to museums, parks, and nearby attractions
  • Nutrition and health talks with our RNs

Support groupsCaregiver Support

Support to family caregivers is at the heart of all we do.

When participants come to Misler for a day of enriched activities, families know that their family member is in a supportive and stimulating environment. They also know that they can take a much needed break while their older family member is at the Center. Our families regularly tell us how grateful and relieved they feel once their loved one is attending Misler. The respite from their own caregiving responsibilities means that they will be better able to provide needed care at home.

Social work staff also supports caregivers through their knowledge of community resources to help families with their caregiving responsibilities. Whether it is a referral to a community based professional such as a neurologist, or a roster of credible home care agencies, we are there to help you meet the needs of your loved ones, today and in the future. We draw on the resources of JCA programs such as the Senior HelpLine or Connect-A-Ride Information and Referral to link families to the services they need.

The caregivers’ support group has been a tremendous help for me. It was a place to vent my frustrations without judgment and receive help from both staff and others in the group.

Our social workers lead a caregiver support group that meets twice a month. Under the gentle facilitation of our licensed social worker, families find a haven – a place to talk with others who are experiencing very similar challenges. Caregivers share ways to cope and manage the stresses in their lives. There is much talk, laughter and tears as caregivers connect to those who really understand.

For information about caregiver support, call us at 301.468.1740 or use this contact form to send an email inquiry.

The best way to appreciate the Misler Center is to see it for yourself.

We encourage you to call to schedule a visit so you can see us in action – our dedicated and caring staff, our stimulating activities and the difference we are making in the lives of our participants each and every day.

For more information, to arrange a visit, or to speak with one of our social workers, please call us at 301-468-1740, or use the contact form below to send an email inquiry.

Our History and Facility

Since 1977, the Misler Adult Day Center has been providing stimulating programs, socialization and health supervision in a lively, yet structured and comforting environment.

At Misler, older adults come together to develop new friendships and rediscover old interests. It is a place to be engaged- in conversation, in activity, in community. Participants quickly feel a sense of belonging and self-esteem is increased from being part of the Misler community.

Our Center was specially designed as the Ring House was being constructed, so our physical space provides all the features desired in an Adult Day Program – large and comfortable activity rooms, filled with natural light; spacious dining room for communal meal times; departmental offices for staff; well-positioned accessible bathrooms; and a security system to promote safety for participants.