Securities Transfer

Donating publicly traded stock that has increased in value may provide better tax benefits than giving cash. It is easy and convenient to make such gifts to JCA.

By donating long-term appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds), you can avoid the capital gains tax that would be due if you sold the same securities for personal benefit. You may also save on brokerage fees because you are transferring rather than selling stock.

We advise that you contact your accountant or tax adviser to determine the exact income-tax implications of your gift.

Instructions for Stock Donations

To transfer stock from your current custodian as a donation to the Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington, Inc., provide the following information to your custodian. All three data points below are needed for a successful transfer.

Charles Schwab Delivery Instructions: Delivery to DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40


Custodial Account Number: 7514-6718

Please notify the Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington, Inc. when a stock donation is being made. If you have any questions on how to make the donation, please contact the investment advisory team of eCIO at (608) 291-4646