Summer Volunteering for Students

Youth Volunteer Opportunities for Summer '24

Welcome, students! Below you will find volunteer opportunities for summer 2024. SSL hours are available.


Art and Music Appreciation
Summer SSL 2024 Art and Music Appreciation Kensington Clubs 

The JCA Heyman Interages® Center intergenerational programs have brought children and older adults together for more than 30 years.  This summer, the Interages Center is partnering with the Kensington Clubs, an adult day-care program that engages older adults with memory loss/dementia.  Youth volunteers and seniors will participate in person in four shared Art and Music Therapy classes.  In addition, the young participants must virtually attend an introductory session to learn about aging and career development in working with the elderly and the arts.  SSL hours available. 

A permission form completed by a parent or guardian is required for registration.

  • ORIENTATION Monday, July 15th (virtual 4pm)  
  • SESSION 1 Wednesday, July 24th (10 to 11 am)  
  • SESSION 2 Wednesday, July 31st (10 to 11 am)  
  • SESSION 3 Wednesday, August 7th (10 to 11 am)  
  • SESSION 4 Wednesday, August 14th (10 to 11 am) 

KC@White Oak Senior Center
1700 April Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20904 

For more information, please contact Olga Pulgar-Vidal. 

Quilting Connections

Quilting Connections

Intergenerational Program for middle and high school students with Arts for the Aging, JCA Heyman Interages Center, JCA Kensington Club and The Phillips Collection

Bridge the musical and visual arts in this three-week intergenerational and multidisciplinary arts workshop series led by Arts for the Aging teaching artists Peter Joshua Burroughs and Carlos César Rodríguez and featuring a field trip to The Phillips Collection.

Inspired by quilts and collages on view at the Phillips Collection, students will partner with older adults in the early stages of memory loss to arrange fabric of different sizes, shapes, and colors into patterns to develop melodic fragments. The patterns, like quilt squares, can be arranged and “sewn” into both musical compositions and visual works of art representing the stories that embody a community quilt. Make music, masterpieces, and friends across generations! SSL hours provided.

Tuesday, July 30, 10 AM – 12 PM: Aging awareness training and first workshop
Tuesday, August 6, 9 AM – 2 PM: Second workshop at The Phillips Collection (transportation provided from Kensington Club)
Tuesday, August 13, 11 AM – 12 PM: Third workshop

Location: Kensington Club at Parklawn
12320 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852

Please email for more information.

To sign up to participate, please fill out this form.