About Us

At JCA, it’s all about aging!

JCA represents something different to every person we proudly serve.

To the isolated senior with no means of getting around, we are a smiling ElderBus driver who cheerfully helps with canes, walkers and wheelchairs and even carries packages with a smile.

To the concerned family member suddenly faced with overwhelming health or home care issues, we are the confident voice of an information specialist who understands precisely the services needed to care for a beloved parent or spouse and can access our unique, comprehensive database to find needed resources close to home.

For the senior who is frail or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other challenges, we are a safe and caring place that provides dignified assistance at adult day centers that are second to none.

To the older jobseeker, we are a friend, advocate, teacher and guide.

JCA is all of this and so much more!

We are vibrant intergenerational programs that build bridges and shatter stereotypes as they help young students succeed in school and life. We are different faces in various places — but united in our mission of helping local seniors experience the positive side of aging while making the National Capital Area a great place to age.

Last year, because of generous friends like you, JCA served thousands of older people of all faiths, ethnicities and walks of life.

Centers of Excellence

JCA programs are organized into four centers of excellence. Three of those centers and many of the programs they contain are named in honor of visionaries and donors whose good deeds continue through the programs that forever bear their names.

Center for Information Services

  • Rose Benté Lee Senior Helpline
  • Steven M. Reich HomeCare Resource Center
  • Community Speakers Bureau
  • Eldercare-in-the-Workplace Programs
  • SHIP – The State Health Insurance Assistance Program of
  • Montgomery County
  • Village Rides
  • Connect-A-Ride Transportation Resource Center
  • Volunteer Drivers Network of Greater Washington
  • Mobility Management

Heyman Interages® Center

  • Grandreaders
  • Read Aloud
  • Intergenerational Bridges
  • Project SHARE
  • Dialogues Across the Ages
  • Mature Mentors
  • Intergenerational Resource Center
  • Annual Seniors Prom

Sylvia & Abe Blajwas Center for Productive Aging

  • The Career Gateway
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program
  • 50+ Employment Expos
  • Sylvia Blajwas Productive Aging Award Dinner

Ruth & Hans Cahnmann Center for Supportive Services

  • Rose & Harold Kramer Center on Transportation
  • Samuel Gorlitz Kensington Clubs
  • Caregiver Support Groups