Intergenerational Interview Project

JCA® Heyman Interages® Center addresses Community challenges with intergenerational solutions. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Montgomery County’s youth and older adults through targeted and meaningful cross-age educational and social connections.

The Intergenerational Interview project highlights the important work that people are doing in our community. We feel that the intergenerational nature of this project really focuses on our mission.

Dinah Cohen is an Interages Volunteer and interviewed Austin Heyman as an Intergenerational project. He is the founder of Austin Heyman Interages Center of Jewish Council for the Aging.  This interview was so successful that it became impetus for our us starting our Interages Interview project.

Flavia Fernanda- 8th grader at Rosa Parks Middle School and Aviva Kempner – Aviva is an award-winning filmmaker who has been making independent films since 1979.

Joanna Jacob – 7th grader at Robert Frost Middle School and David Gamse – Recently retired after 30 years as CEO of the Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington. The nonprofit agency provides services and programs to support older adults and their families and helps them with connections to other resources.

Joanna Jacob interviews Terrie and Ann who are JCA Interages Volunteers.  They worked together for years as Grandreaders at Sequoyah Elementary School.  Combining their friendship and talent, they wrote and published a book for 2nd graders called As Best Friends Do.

Omar Farooqui and Edith. Meet the multi-language speaking and traveling Queen, Edith Spano: Born in Vienna, Austria, Edith was an only child.  Having no siblings, Edith and her parents loved to travel.  From a young child, Edith has always had a love of traveling, exploring, and learning new things.  She is now a member of Kensington Club, a social day club designed to meet the needs of adults who are in the early stages of diagnosed memory loss.

Vihaan Tyagi and Nira Berry. Nira Berry is an inspirational & motivational speaker,  founder of Laughter Wellness, Laughter Therapist, Workplace Wellness Program leader, Retreat facilitator, TV show host of Happy & Healthy show and Health & Happiness Coach.

Sannidhi Gupta and Amy Zitelman. Amy joined her sisters and brother-in-law to launch @SoomFoods (in ‘12) They source sesames in Ethiopia and manufacture sesame projects (Tahini) in Israel for US distribution.  Pick up their fabulous cookbook, The Tahini Table.

Hannah Warfield and Max Levitt. Max Levitt is the founder and CEO of Leveling the Playing Field, a non-profit group that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of youth sports participation.

Annika Claussen and John Shuchart. John Shuchart- Dubbed a “serial entrepreneur” by the Kansas City Business Journal, John Shuchart is a successful businessman, educational innovator, and author.

Sara Saleh and Mike Leonard. Mike Leonard is a JCA volunteer and a marathon runner.  He is over 80 years old!

Maame Darkwah and Teresa. Teresa R. Wright retired from Montgomery County Public Schools in June of 2018 after over 40 years of service and teaching Spanish. During her teaching career she was active in student and community affairs, providing assistance to students with problems in school and at home, and guiding students in volunteer community activities.  She is still a very active volunteer in the school.

Gabriella Karakcheyva and Police Chief Marcus Jones. Chief Marcus Jones is a 33 year veteran of the department and currently oversees the Investigative Services Bureau.  He has also served as the Commander of the 3’rd District (Silver Spring), the Director of Major Crimes, Drug Enforcement Commander, the Police Training Academy Deputy Director and a variety of other assignments.

Debbie and Uma Patnaik. Debbie Levy is the award-winning author of many books of nonfiction and fiction, including the New York Times bestseller I Dissent, This Promise of Change, The Year of Goodbyes, and the young adult novel Imperfect Spiral. She lives in Maryland with her husband. They have two grown sons.

Marina Maglente and Annie Holscher. Annie is an art therapist and works with Kensington Club seniors with memory loss.

Imran Hussien and Jon Simon. Jon Simon is a businessman, entrepreneur, President and CEO of Parkway Dry Cleaners.  He is also a remarkable piano player who composes and performs his works.

Laila  Bityeki interviews Patricia Jinich who is a Mexican chef, TV personality, cookbook author, educator, and food writer. She is best known for her James Beard Award-winning and Emmy nominated public television series Pati’s Mexican Table.

Marina Maglente and Dianne Eisenhower. Dianne is a music therapist and works with Kensington Club seniors with memory loss.