Job Openings

Outreach Specialist

HOURS:  Part-Time, on-call:  Approximately 10 hours per week, not to exceed 520 annually

WAGE: $20 per hour

TO APPLY: Send Resume and Cover Letter to


Conduct a variety of outreach activities to connect JCA to older persons, adults of any age with disabilities, caregivers and community professionals throughout the Greater Washington Metro area.  Outreach activities generally include but need not limited to senior fairs and expos, senior service provider meetings, appropriate roundtable and coalition meetings, group presentations, and other events allowing JCA programs to have high visibility.  Build and maintain relationships with collaborative community partners and cultivate new ones.  Recruit volunteers for JCA programs.  Work closely with the Senior Director, Center for Information Services in meeting overall goals of the position.


As assigned:

  • Research and maintain a list of annually repeated and one time outreach opportunities to include senior fairs and expos, senior service provider meetings, presentations to groups of seniors or professionals, etc.
  • Create and implement annual outreach plan.  Working closely with Senior Director, Center for Information Services and JCA program staff, develop a plan to expand reach for JCA programs and determine dates and locations of outreach events.
  • Develop and maintain a positive professional relationships with event coordinators, and community partners; indicating JCA’s interest in being invited to annual events and/or one-time events throughout the year.
  • Coordinate staff for outreach events, scheduling yourself to do set-up whenever possible, and coordinate JCA staff and qualified volunteers to staff the JCA table at an outreach event.
  • Organize event outreach materials to include gathering JCA program directory, JCA program and brochures and other materials.
  • Track numbers of attendees who approach the JCA table to talk or take information, and track total number who attended the event.
  • Determine the value of the outreach event for JCA in terms of staff time well spent and number of attendees/interest of those who approach the JCA table or express interest in JCA programs and services.
  • As time allows, take photos at events and post on JCA Facebook, write brief articles for JCA and other community newsletters as needed, and on social media about events – all to receive prior approval by Senior Director, Center for Information Services before being submitted, printed or posted.
  • Write Quarterly Activity Reports; submit to Senior Director, Center for Information Services, no later than the 5th day after the end of the prior month. Reporting will include data and summary about each month’s activities and planned goals for future events.  As needed, assist with other program reporting by producing statistical information for data reports and/or narratives for monthly, quarterly, annual or other reports.
  • Arrange for JCA program materials to be transported and displayed at events that will not be staffed by JCA staff or volunteers, for example, at events on Jewish holidays.
  • Provide outreach and JCA program materials to synagogues in the Washington metro area on an ongoing basis. As time allows, assist JCA program staff in preparing outreach packets to be distributed at their respective outreach presentations as needed.
  • Assist in recruiting volunteers appropriate for Outreach responsibilities and all JCA departments.
  • Assist with program mailings as time allows.
  • Carry out all duties and responsibilities in a manner that protects the health information of JCA clients and that conforms to all state, county and federal rules, regulations or requirements of law related to client health information or privacy rights. This obligation will survive the termination of employment or the end of association with JCA regardless of the reason for such terminations. For current staff, violations of the privacy policy and procedures may result in sanctions up to and including termination.
  • Perform other related duties.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in communications, human services, gerontology, social work or a related field.
  • Minimum two years’ experience in successful community outreach and coordination.
  • At least three years’ experience working in a busy office.
  • Sense of timeliness in responding to calls and requests for outreach events.
  • Able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing, including presentation skills.
  • Able to connect with others and forge strong relationships.
  • Committed to the mission of serving seniors and adults with disabilities
  • Highly organized, and proficient in Microsoft Office programs; able to effectively operate other office equipment, such as copiers, fax machine, etc.
  • Ability to perform several tasks concurrently, time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information
  • Ability to organize and maintain detailed records; complete necessary paperwork and meet deadlines
  • Essential functions/working conditions: Light physical demands – Able to move/ transport materials from JCA office to/from event sites
  • Ability to research information about community events.
  • Ability to set priorities and complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities.
  • Knowledge of community senior services.
  • Experience in working with older adults and volunteers.
  • Access to transportation and willingness to travel locally – throughout the Washington Metro area.
  • Willingness and ability to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends, to get the job done.
  • Or any equivalent mix of skills, abilities, experience and education that would render a candidate suitable for this position. 


This position reports to the Senior Director, Center for Information Services.



 Level:43  Classification:  Exempt – Senior Staff  

Hours:Full time  

General Function: Is the acknowledged leader and proactive manager of JCA financial, administrative and business operations. Serves as a member of Senior Staff. Provides lead staff support to the Board’s Budget, Audit & Finance Committee, Investment Committee and other lay or staff committees as assigned. As assigned, represents the CEO and the organization.   

Starting Wage:  To the low $100,000s per year  

Reporting Relationship:  Reports to the Chief Executive Officer  

To apply or to request a copy of the Job Description: Contact David Gamse, CEO,