Despite COVID-19, JCA is here to help you and those you love find senior services in Greater DC.

The Connect-A-Ride Transportation Resource Center is a free service that helps seniors and adults of all ages with disabilities find the transportation they need. Certified Information and Mobility Specialists help with schedules, benefits and eligibility requirements in:

  • Montgomery County, Maryland;
  • Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia; and
  • the Virginia cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church.

Contact Connect-A-Ride for answers and assistance.

If you live in one of these jurisdictions and need transportation assistance, call Connect-A-Ride at 301.738.3252 or 703.323.6494.

Connect-A-Ride also offers the following programs and services:

Ride Smart Workshops


Offered periodically through the Connect-A-Ride program, these travel training workshops for Montgomery County residents help small groups of older adults learn to use public transportation.

Advanced registration for the workshops is required. To register or for more information, call 301.738.3252 or email

Escorted Transportation

Despite COVID-19, JCA is here to help you and those you love find senior services in Greater DC. 

This program serves eligible low-income residents of Montgomery County who are unable to travel alone. Customers must require assistance due to physical, cognitive or emotional impairment. The program assists with transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores and other destinations.

For information or to enroll, call 240.395.0915 or email

Download our brochure for more information: