Kensington Clubs

Dear Friends and Families of Kensington Club,
In an abundance of caution, we have suspended activities at all three of our Kensington Clubs as of Monday, March 16. We hope to reopen the clubs when it becomes safe, and will be monitoring closely recommendations from the county, state and Centers for Disease Control. The safety of everyone at Kensington Club is our top priority.

Since 2008, the Kensington Clubs have been offering activities, camaraderie and coping skills for people in the early stages of diagnosed memory loss. Participants enjoy stimulating cognitive and physical programs, morning coffee and lunch in a supportive environment among peers. Caregivers receive respite and support. We have multiple locations for our Kensington Clubs throughout Montgomery County.

We are still here for our members

While Kensington Clubs typically meet for in-person programs at our headquarters in Rockville, the Germantown Community Center or the White Oak Senior Center, we now are offering a program remotely that can be viewed from the comfort of your living room.

Take a look at our weekly virtual program called KC On-Screen. Viewers can receive a monthly packet of materials that go hand-in-hand with weekly video programming that is geared specifically toward the person living with early-stage memory loss. We also offer a weekly newsletter of resources for caregivers called KC Caregiver News For Coping and Hoping During COVID-19.

See our modified monthly activity calendar for September for ideas of activities to engage in at home. Read our August-September 2020 Newsletter.

Kensington Club is currently offering Phone Pals, a friendly-chat telephone reassurance program, geared toward the person living with early-stage memory loss and their caregiver.

We will continue to expand our virtual services for older adults with a diagnosis of early-stage memory loss and their caregivers, in our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy during this uncertain time. For information, please email

Who We Serve

Kensington ClubKensington Club is specially designed to serve older adults with diagnosed early stage dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Since 2008, we have been serving people who:

  • Can enjoy the company of others with minimal risk of wandering,
  • Take medication independently or with verbal supervision only,
  • Are able to eat and use the bathroom without assistance,
  • Ambulate independently or with a cane.

The Club is an outlet for those with early memory loss who desire opportunities to challenge their mind and try new interests, who want to be pro-active and do something about their memory loss, and who can benefit from being around others in a stimulating and positive environment.

This is a major attack on your confidence…it helps to be with others who are going through the same thing.

Kensington ClubThrough social interaction, mental challenges and physical activity, the Club seeks to maintain an intimacy and friendship that set it apart from other social day programs. Each member is treated as an individual and a sense of belonging to the Club is evident. Members find common ground and make friends. They recognize that Kensington Club caters to their individual interests and personalities in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.


The Kensington Club programs are planned and implemented by our professional staff of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and activities leaders. Activities are tailored to meet members’ needs, strengths and interests.

Activities and services include:

  • Stimulating discussions on a broad range of topics from current events to history, art and literature
  • Physical and cognitive exercise
  • Reminiscing activities
  • Guest entertainers and speakers
  • Musical programs
  • Therapeutic art programs
  • Field trips to local areas of interest
  • Caregiver education and support
  • Morning coffee and catered lunch
  • Information and referral to community resources

Kensington Club is a reason to get up and dressed and is a stimulating place to go…

Our Approach

Kensington Club @ ParklawnSince 2008, Kensington Club has offered a unique opportunity for socialization with peers in a relaxed and accepting environment. Our social day program is designed to meet the needs of older adults in the early stages of diagnosed memory loss.

Members of the Club share old and new interests, connect with the community, and develop friendships. Stimulating cognitive and physical activities are offered to Club members, while families and caregivers get some respite and support while their loved ones are at the Club. The Club provides an opportunity for camaraderie and coping skills to people in the early stages of memory loss.

I enjoy the program and consider it the high point of the week.

As the Canada based Alzheimer’s Society states, “When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their usual activities…” It can be difficult to achieve this without the support from professionals. The Kensington Club is focused on maintaining the independence of the Club members in a safe and supportive environment that optimizes capabilities.

The Mayo Clinic also confirms the value of programs like ours: “Individuals who receive a diagnosis of Early Stage Dementia often have questions, seek resources and support and want to be an active participant in managing their condition. Programs such as Memory Clubs are designed to offer just that.”

Man does not consist of memory alone. He has feeling, will, sensibilities, moral being…It is here that you may find ways to touch him…In the realm of the individual, there is much you can do. — Alexander Luria


Caregiver supportSometimes it’s good to forget about what limits you and find something else to do

Care Support

The Kensington Club provides a great place for older adults with early stage memory loss to find camaraderie and coping skills. It also offers respite to caregivers, who know that when their loved one is at Kensington Club, they will have a much needed break.

Caregiver support is also available through Early Stage Dementia Education and Support Groups. With training from the Alzheimer’s Association, facilitators lead a unique model of information and support to individuals with a diagnosis and their care partners. With a goal of enhancing the lives of individuals with dementia and their families, the eight-week sessions cover topics such as understanding the disease and how to find community resources. Each week, education is provided for the whole group, followed by separate support groups for care partners and those with a diagnosis.