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YOU are the hero that our frightened, vulnerable elders need.
Hungry seniors need food. We must expand our delivery of meals to them.


Frail and sick seniors need medical care. We must continue to arrange escorted rides to doctors’ offices and other essential destinations. 


Panicked families need guidance. We must continue to help them find vital resources. 


Lonely, isolated seniors need a lifeline, and those with early-stage memory loss need extraordinary help. We must comfort them while expanding our caregiver support.


Men and women who were once the backbone of local community service now may need help themselves. We must not forget them! We must continue to support our 1,300 volunteers. Many are in their 70’s and 80’s so they are especially vulnerable to the devastation of COVID-19.


Your gift will help local seniors thrive as we build bridges across generations.

 You can designate your gift  to a particular program or dedicate it in honor or in memory of someone you hold dear.

Donate one time Donate monthly

Thank you.