50 plus Job Expos

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50+ Employment Expos

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JCA’s 50+ Employment Expos for 2016 were held on April 4 in Maryland and April 18 in Northern Virginia.

Bookmark this page for information about next year’s Expos. Dates will be announced early in 2017.

Admission to the Expos is FREE for jobseekers!
FREE pre-registration for employers & community resources!

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JOBSEEKERS: Over age 50 and looking for a new job?

Our 50+ Employment Expos feature recruiters  from dozens of employers, including nonprofits, government, healthcare, retail, technology and more! In addition, you can learn about resume writing, interviewing skills, surfing the web for jobs, changing careers, online applications and much more!

Admission to 50+ Employment Expos is FREE for jobseekers. No pre-registration. Register on site.

EMPLOYERS: Looking for responsible, experienced employees?

The National Capital Region is home to one of the most educated and experienced workforces in the country. Filling your vacancies with these mature workers can raise your productivity and reduce expenses.
If you are a DC area employer who would like to exhibit at our 2017 Expos in Maryland or Northern Virginia, please call Micki Gordon at 301.255.4231 or 703.652.1511.

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Photos: Harvey Levine