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Creating a Skills-Based Resume

Blog / By JCA / May 22, 2024

page with words "employability skills"

from the Center for Workforce Inclusion A competitive job market means it’s critical to put your best foot forward, starting with writing a great resume. The most common resume format is chronological, which doesn’t always highlight the diverse skills that older workers and people with non-traditional backgrounds offer. Opting for a skills-based resume instead allows …

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Senior Care Referral Site Omits Neglect Findings

Blog / By JCA / May 22, 2024

older woman with a sad face

A May 16, 2024 article in the Washington Post, Senior-care referral site ‘A Place for Mom’ stays mum on neglect, exposes the popular search site, A Place for Mom, as a paid advertising site. While their homepage claims “unbiased recommendations,” interviews and records show skewed testimonials and overlooked violations. The Post reviewed inspection reports and …

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What JCA Does Best

Blog / By JCA / May 21, 2024

Brad and Kensington Club member share a laugh

In our latest video, we highlight participants from the Heyman Interages Center, the Kensington Clubs, and SCSEP (Senior Community Service Empoyment Program). Each of the participants interviewed shows what JCA does best.

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Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) Program

Blog / By JCA / May 6, 2024

illustration of an older woman using a phone

The Maryland Accessible Telecommunicat​ions program provides Maryland residents with an opportunity to apply for free telecommunications equipment to independently make or receive calls.​ Any Maryland resident (age three or older) who has difficulty using a standard telephone is invited to apply. Even if you do not qualify for equipment provided from the State, you may …

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Older Adults in an Election Year

Blog / By JCA / May 5, 2024

woman wears an "I Voted" button

by Gary A. Officer, Founder and CEO of Center for Workforce Inclusion Fears of Economic Insecurity Anchored within this Presidential election cycle are the fears and aspirations of key demographic groups who – broadly speaking – will determine the electoral outcome. The four demographic groups are The Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Gen Xers (1965-1980), Millennials (1980-1996), …

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The Hidden Costs of Unpaid Caregiving in America

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / May 2, 2024

screenshot of Lisa Ling reporting

from CBS Mornings, by Lisa Ling, Analisa Novak, Shannon Luibrand Across the United States, an estimated 53 million people are unpaid caregivers, many of whom, like Ty Lewis, are part of the “sandwich generation” — simultaneously raising children and caring for aging parents. Lewis, a social media influencer, sought support from her followers by sharing her experiences …

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Webinar: Sepsis: Know the Signs & Save Lives!

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / April 22, 2024

illustration of a woman with a fever

Did you know sepsis is a life-threatening condition that can strike anyone, anywhere? Join us for live and interactive discussion to learn everything from the warning signs to prevention strategies. Real-Life Stories Critical signs/symptoms Open Q&A Apr 24, 2024 12:00 PM A Positive Aging program with Brooke DeSantis, Love for Lochlin Foundation and Jackie Duda, …

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Why Volunteering as an Older Adult Elevates Both Individuals and Nonprofits

Blog / By JCA / April 19, 2024

Two older adults wearing t-shirts that say "volunteer"

By Philip Bendheim, director of the International Board of Overseers at Yad Sarah Know Their Value In one day, Chava David, 80, can experience a range of emotions as she volunteers in the Shaare Zedek Medical Center branch of Yad Sarah, Israel’s largest medical nonprofit. In one moment, she finds herself crying with the distressed …

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UTIs and Sudden Behavior Changes

KC Blog / By JCA / April 16, 2024

doctor uses table to explain to patient

by R. Clinton for the Alzheimer’s Association Blog Sudden Change in Behavior? Urinary Tract Infection Could Be the Cause UTIs, or urinary tract infections, can cause changes in people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. As a care consultant with the Alzheimer’s Association’s 24/7 Helpline, I often speak to people about possible urinary tract …

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Agitation And Anxiety In Alzheimer’s

KC Blog / By JCA / April 4, 2024

daughter reassures mom with Alzheimer's

UCLA Caregiver Training Video: Agitation and anxiety create resistance in people with Alzheimer’s and frustration for their caregivers. Learn techniques to solve and resolve these difficult moments.

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