Interages Presents Margaret Cutler Award to Brenda Lopez and Toni Quan

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Toni Quan and Brenda Lopez

Toni Quan and Brenda Lopez

The Margaret Cutler Award is named in honor of Interages’ first Board President and is awarded each year to individuals who show excellence in developing, implementing or supporting intergenerational programs in Montgomery County.

Our 2015 award winners are Brenda Lopez and Toni Quan, cosmetology teachers at Thomas Edison High School of Technology.

Edison High School hosts one of our Interages Makeover Madness programs. Once a month, they welcome older adults and adults with disabilities into their classrooms for haircuts, styles and manicures provided by Edison’s cosmetology students. This unique opportunity gives students valuable experience working with older clientele, and the participating adults receive pampering and friendly conversation in return.

Both Brenda and Toni have been supporting Makeover Madness for many years. They have made outstanding contributions in building bridges across generations by teaching their students respect for people of all ages.

Interages 2015 Margaret Cutler AwardsPictured from left to right: Roger Berliner, Montgomery County councilmember; Patricia O’Neill, president of MCPS Board of Education; Toni Quan, awardee; Brenda Lopez, awardee; Dr. Ursula Hermann, principal of Edison High School; Dr. Lynn Brown, assistant principal; Janel Peters, Interages program coordinator; and Carol Croll, senior director of Interages.

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