SCSEP Receives TD Bank’s Ready Commitment Contribution

TD Bank’s Ready Commitment $5,000 contribution to JCA’s Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) will go a long way to cover the seemingly small, but still significant, barriers participants face regularly.

“These funds will give my team the flexibility to help our participants when they face obstacles that jeopardize their ability to stay enrolled in our employment training program. If someone needs help paying for parking, or for using a ride share occasionally, now we can help. Sometimes participants are enrolled in a class, but can’t afford books; this grant will fill the gap,” said Cathy Nestoriak, JCA Senior Employment Director.  The grant could also help provide an inexpensive cell phone or appropriate work shoe, for example.

JCA is so grateful to TD Bank for the funds and their faith in our program. As the TD Bank representative pointed out, “We believe that organizations such as yours play a significant role in sustaining vibrant and thriving communities.”