Declutter When Stressed!

Debbie Sokobin

Next Chapter News with Debbie

by Debbie Sokobin, Next Chapter Copncierge

As a Caregiver, do you find that your house gets away from you at times? I know that my [ever-present] piles have a way of encroaching on my sanity some days. Or if you find yourself overwhelmed with an impending downsizing project or just life in general, sometimes it just takes small steps to help you to relax and feel like you are making progress.

Here are a few quick decluttering ideas that may even help to center yourself (while making progress in your home). Turn on your favorite Broadway/Pop/Classical soundtrack and:

  • Clean out a kitchen drawer: When was the last time you emptied and wiped down the
    drawer? How do those random crumbs and coffee grounds end up in that drawer
    anyway? Even the repetitive act of sorting the flatware can be almost meditative.
  • Linen closet: pull out all of the towels and see if any have served you well and can be
    donated to an animal shelter or turned into cleaning rags. If that was fun, move onto
    sheets and pillowcases!
  • Purse or wallet: It amazes me how quickly receipts, coupons and miscellaneous/expired
    cards bulk up one’s wallet. I find it cathartic to purge old receipts and outdated coupons –
    who knows, you might even find a gift card that you didn’t know you had?!

Letting the music move you as you tackle just one drawer may just help you feel more in control
of your environment. Take stock of the smaller accomplishments and pat yourself on the back!