Family Caregiving Pointers Added to HelpLine Resources Page

caregiver helps woman in wheelchair apply makeup

with content from Innerbody’s Resources for Family Caregivers, by Katie Kottemann, MA, PhD

The Senior HelpLine resources page continues to gather web-based advice and assistance to serve older adults and their caregivers in our community. The latest addition is a guide for family caregivers.

A family caregiver takes care of an aging, ill, or disabled family member. These caregivers are not typically trained in eldercare and respond to the needs of their loved one as the need arises. They do this while caring for children (putting them in the “sandwich generation” category) and working their regular job. Care can involve everything from simple household tasks to 24-hour, constant care.

Family caregivers are also often given the additional responsibility of handling the oversight of the recipient’s legal, financial, medical, and end-of-life needs. Obviously, this can be a stressful and intense role. Juggling other responsibilities with caregiving can lead some caregivers to burn out or suffer other mental health issues. Many experts emphasize self-care and support networks to lessen the burden that some caregivers experience.

Read full guide for helpful advice, support programs, burn-out prevention, and more.