The Best Practices of “Cognitive SuperAgers”

Blog / By JCA / August 29, 2023

happy old gardener

by Tanner Garrity for Inside Hook They’re 80, but they can remember things like they’re 50. How do they do it? The average 80-year-old remembers half as much as they did when they were 50. But “SuperAgers” experience no such decline. Their memory can actually improve in that 30-year span. How is that possible? Well, the …

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Should People With No Symptoms Get A Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / August 14, 2023

doctor and older patient look at ipad

by Howard Gleckman, immediate past president of JCA, an Urban Institute Fellow, journalist, and the author of Caring for Our Parents The National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association have proposed revised clinical guidelines that would designate seven major stages of the brain disease. The first two would be for people who have no symptoms but may …

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Cannabis is Having a Senior Moment

Blog / By JCA / August 9, 2023

close up of a container of cannabis

by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Seniors — people over the age of 65 — are now the fastest growing group of cannabis users in the United States. Right now, we are witnessing a sort of “senior moment.” Honestly, it blows my mind. People who grew up during the war on drugs and were in the …

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How Older Workers Can Crush Skills Gaps and Soar to Career Success!

Blog / By JCA / August 9, 2023

woman with laptop looking out a window

from the Center for Workforce Inclusion As an older worker, staying competitive in the job market can be challenging, especially with rapidly evolving technology and industry trends. Identifying skills gaps and creating a personalized learning plan is essential to enhance your employability and career prospects. In this article, we will explore 7 effective strategies to …

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August ’23 Senior Resources Guide: Ready for the Next Adventure

Blog / By JCA / August 3, 2023

senior couple have fun in a bumper car

by Suzanne Pollak, senior writer for JCA, for the Washington Jewish Week There was a time not so long ago when working past the age of 66 was uncommon. That was the age when people dusted off their golf clubs, visited their grandchildren, and started thinking about the next phase of life. Fast forward to …

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‘Hospital-at-home’ Trend Leans Heavily on Family Caregivers

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / August 1, 2023

woman with crutches gets out of bed

by Kat McGowan for GBH News Hospital-at-home programs are for people sick enough to need the attention a hospital provides, but stable enough to be cared for at home. Research on outcomes is not conclusive, yet, but shows promise that it can provide good care and save health care dollars. But a big question looms: …

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Hearing Aids May Cut Risk of Cognitive Decline by Nearly Half

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / July 20, 2023

Man putting on hearing aid

by Lindsey Bever for the Washington Post Older adults at greater risk for dementia may be able to protect themselves against cognitive decline by using hearing aids, new research shows. A study published Monday in the Lancet found that the use of hearing aids can reduce the risk of cognitive decline by about half — 48 percent — for …

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When is it Time for Assisted Living?

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / July 19, 2023

older woman looking pensively out a window

from As our loved ones age, we must look for signs that show they’re no longer able to live independently. It’s impressive that many elders maintain lives at home; they continue to drive, manage their own finances and even appear as mentally sharp as ever. However, we must learn to identify the potential warning …

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Safety and Planning is a Snap! with Sally Pessin

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / July 12, 2023

Power of Attorney document

A Power of Attorney is a Must! by Sally Pessin, Licensed Retirement Planning Counselor and Estate Planning Attorney An estate attorney friend of mine recently shared a problem she was having.  My friend’s client was a 70-year-old woman whose husband needed to go into a memory care facility.  The client needed to access her husband’s …

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Senior Planet Classes Continue Online in the Summer

Blog, KC club / By JCA / June 30, 2023

woman doing exercises with her tablet

If you’re a senior aged 60 and older, these live online classes are designed just for you! Learn about Finance, Wellness, Fitness, Computers and Technology, and so much more. You’ll learn so much, and also find a real community of fellow life-long learners. Need help joining a class? Call the free Senior Planet Hotline: 888-713-3495 >> See …

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