Features of Hearing Aids

Blog / By JCA / March 22, 2023

salesperson with array of hearingaids

by David Smith, JCA Board Member Modern hearing aids come with a wide variety of features that can help people with hearing loss improve their communication and quality of life. Some of the most common features include: Bluetooth compatibility: This allows users to connect their hearing aids to their smartphone or other devices that use …

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March ’23 Senior Resources Guide: The Job Picture is Looking Up

Blog, News / By JCA / March 13, 2023

older worker and woman look at plants in a shop

by Suzanne Pollak, JCA Senior Writer/Editor The Job Picture is Looking Up; Many Employers Want To Hire Seniors The pandemic set many workers on a new trajectory, and that is not necessarily a bad thing at all. According to Carly Roszowski, vice president of financial resilience programming at AARP, 23% of seniors are considered long-term …

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Selecting a Hearing Aid

Blog / By JCA / March 9, 2023

woman and doctor examine hearing aid

by David Smith, JCA Board Member Selecting a hearing aid can be complicated and confusing, even with the help of a hearing professional. This and future blogs will help you understand your choices and how to make the best one for your hearing needs and for your pocketbook. For many years, the only way to …

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USAging Offers Brochures on a Range of Topics for Older Adults

Blog, News, Uncategorized / By JCA / March 1, 2023

USAging logo

USAging, the representative organization for the national network of Area Agencies on Aging, offers more than two dozen brochures on many topics of interest to older adults and their caregivers. They are called Consumer Brochures, but they cover a range of topics including volunteering, emotional wellness, home repair, avoiding scams, transportation options, preventing isolation, tips …

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Don’t Put Off Getting Your Hearing Checked

Blog / By JCA / February 16, 2023

audiologist tests man's hearing

by David Smith, JCA Board Member Approximately one in three people between 65 and 74 have hearing loss, and 50% of those over 74 are hard of hearing.  If you are over 65, you may have wondered how well you are hearing and whether you may benefit from a hearing aid. To be certain, you …

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Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Elderly

Blog, News / By JCA / February 12, 2023

sad man with alcoholic beverage

by Alyssa Hill for Many adults aged 65 and older misuse prescription and illicit drugs, but alcohol remains the most widely abused substance. Abuse of opioids, prescription medications, and marijuana is also common. Thirty percent of the U.S. population consists of “baby boomers,” which is a generation of people born between 1946 and 1964. …

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Implications of Ending The Covid-19 Public Health Emergency

Blog, News / By JCA / February 6, 2023

stethoscope on benefits claim form

What The End Of The Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Will Mean for Older Adults by Howard Gleckman, senior fellow at the Urban Institute and immediate past president of JCA President Biden’s announcement that the Covid-19 public health emergency (PHE) will end on May 11 will have a significant impact on older adults. Some changes will be …

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Roadmap for Heirs – Gathering Financial Documentation

Blog, KC Blog, News / By JCA / January 24, 2023

drawing of a map

by Sally Pessin, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor The Most Important Thing You Can Do in the New Year that Doesn’t Involve Physical Exercise A little over a year ago, my 88-year old father took a very bad fall, and spent two months being shuttled back and forth between the hospital and rehab before he passed …

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Little-Known AirPods Feature Can Help Those with Impaired Hearing

Blog, KC Blog, News / By JCA / January 12, 2023

Happy woman with iphone and airpods

In 2018, Apple made Live Listen, a feature of iOS that lets iPhones and iPads transmit audio from their microphones directly to compatible hearing aids, work with regular AirPods. Could Live Listen help someone with severe hearing loss? A young man was pleased to learn that yes, AirPods were very successful in facilitating conversation with his …

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A New Year’s Resolution With Lasting Impact – Complete Your Will

Blog, News / By Beri Kravitz / January 9, 2023

Little boy and grandpa

Many New Year’s resolutions are made only to be broken after a short time. There is one thing you can do that will have a lasting impact⁠—make (or complete) your will. You may find it uncomfortable to think about, but we all will leave this world at some point. Leaving a will is a gift …

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