JCA Announces New Board Members

David Gamse viewing portraits of previous JCA presidents

The Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington, Inc. (JCA), a charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, announces its new and continuing lay leaders with terms beginning at the JCA® Annual Meeting (AM) of Sept 30, 2020.

The proposed Executive Committee (EC) members with terms ending at the AM of 2021 are President (Pres): Howard Gleckman; 1st Vice Pres (VP): Jeffrey Lipson; 2nd VP: Herbert Mintz; 3rd VP: Marion Kristal Goldberg; Secretary: Ronna Borenstein-Levy; Asst Secretary: Nancy Fiedelman; Treasurer: Scot Farrell; Asst Treasurer: Donald Silverstein; Parliamentarian: Debra Liverpool.

Voting members of the Board serve in staggered terms ending at an AM of a particular year. The Directors with terms expiring at the AM of 2021 are proposed to be Marc Berman, Phyllis Coburn, Richard Galen, Jay Goldman, Judit Illes, Debra Korth. Those with terms expiring at the AM of 2022 are proposed to be Ira Bartfield, Darryl Hill, Daniel Hodin, John Shuchart, Vickie Witkin, Stephen Wolk. Those with terms expiring at the AM of 2023 are proposed to be Barbara Etkind, Lynn Friss Feinberg, Vivien Hsueh, Ronald Paul, Thomas West, Gregory Wims.

Trustees advise the Board and EC. They include Past Presidents, Life Members (LMs) and others appointed by the Board by majority vote. The latter, with terms expiring at the AM of 2021, are proposed to be Fredric Cantor, Sherman Cohn, Edward Cooper, Susan Finkelstein, Lorna Forde, Irwin Goldbloom, Barry Hartzberg, Karen Keats, Neal Kursban, Gerald Levine, Adrienne Mandel, Donna Phillips Mason, Susan Miller, Maricé Morales, Barry Nudelman, Susan Berla Perry, Stephen Rockower, Marvin Rosenberg, Linda Rosenzweig, Rabbi Matthew Simon.

The living Past Presidents are Lawrence L. Levin, Sylvia Raphael, Sally M. Herman, Judith S. Ball, Michael Goldberg, Elaine Kotell Binder, Richard Dine, Ed Bonder, Linda Kaplan, Barbara S. “Bobbe” Mintz, Samuel G. Kaplan, Natalie Cantor. Norman Goldstein will become Immediate Past Pres at the AM of Sept 30, 2020. The two most recent Past Presidents, i.e., Norman Goldstein and Natalie Cantor, are voting members of the Board.

The living LMs are Wayne Berman, Sidney Kramer, Bess B. Lavine, Edward R. Levin, Laurence Levitan, Laurel Barron Mendelsohn, Irma Poretsky, Jimmie Shapiro, Kenneth Simonson, Kathleen Wiseman.

CEO David Gamse is as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the Board and its EC.

In accordance with JCA Bylaws, at least 30 days prior to the AM a petition signed by 25 donors, clients or volunteers may offer other names to the Board for nomination. Such petitions should be mailed to David Gamse, JCA, 12320 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD 20852; sent via fax to his attention at 301.231.9360; or scanned and emailed to him at dgamse@AccessJCA.org.

The new Officers, Directors and Trustees will be presented at the AM to which all persons are welcome without charge on the evening of Sept 30, 2020 via videoconference.