Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) Program

illustration of an older woman using a phone

The Maryland Accessible Telecommunicat​ions program provides Maryland residents with an opportunity to apply for free telecommunications equipment to independently make or receive calls.​ Any Maryland resident (age three or older) who has difficulty using a standard telephone is invited to apply. Even if you do not qualify for equipment provided from the State, you may still receive a free evaluation to find an assistive telecommunications solution that meets your needs. The MAT program also offers a variety of easy-to-use phone solutions for people with low vision, including phones with large and/or high contrast buttons. Every qualified applicant receives a free one-on-one evaluation to determine the right solution for him/her.

Get the telecommunications equipment needed to independently make or receive phone calls. The Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program offers a wide variety of solutions and tools—from amplified phones ​to Captioned Telephones to tablets—to support day-to-day communications​.

How the Program Works:

New, enhanced online application! An all-new, online application now allows you to complete the entire process online, quickly and easily. This includes getting your application certified and uploading your proof-of-eligibility documentation. No need to mail in documents or make a trip to your certifier.​

  1. Apply for equipment provided by the State
  2. Complete the Disability Certification Form (Integrated into online application – No copying/mailing required)
  3. Make a copy of eligibility documents and your entire application  (Integrated into online application – No copying/mailing required)
  4. Schedule a free personalized evaluation
  5. Get a solution that is right for you
  6. Start using your NEW equipment!