Sensory Gardens’ Health Benefits for 50+ Adults

smiling woman holding wildflowers

Sensory Garden Ideas to Stimulate Your Senses and Delight Your Soul

Taking time to stop and smell the roses offers health benefits for 50+ adults

When our senses are not functioning properly, it can make life more difficult and put us at risk, such as when being unable to hear on the phone, read instructions or determine if an object could burn us.

Engaging in sensory-rich activities promotes neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to rewire and build new neural connections that support sensory functions, according to NCOA.

“A sensory garden is something that allows you to use all your senses and be mindful,” notes Donna Soszynski, a certified horticultural therapist who works with seniors.

Make the most of your outdoor space to engage your five senses. No garden space where you live? Add more sensory-friendly house plants to your collection. You can also check to see if there is a local, public sensory garden you could visit.