7 Things to Leave Out of Your Will

couple signs form with lawyer

For BestLife, By Lauren Gray

If the thought of writing your last will and testament fills you with dread, you’re absolutely not alone: No one wants to confront their mortality or do heaps of paperwork. However, planning your estate is crucial to ensuring that your loved ones will be cared for after your eventual passing. For many people, completing the process can also bring important peace of mind. Unfortunately, there are several common missteps people make when estate planning and these can undermine or even invalidate your important last wishes.

  • Conditional Gifts
  • Dollar amount bequests
  • Non-probate assets
  • Funeral instructions
  • Digital Assets
  • Direct inheritance for beneficiaries with special needs
  • Personal sentiments or grievances

“A will is a legal document; personal sentiments or reasons for the distribution of your assets might be better placed in a separate letter,” adds Adam Zuckerman, founder of Buried in Work, an eCommerce platform specializing in estate planning and end-of-life tasks.

Of course, each will is specific to the person who creates it. To ensure yours is done properly, meet with a trusted professional to create a will that benefits you and your loved ones—without any unexpected snafus.

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