The Top 5 Financial Scams Targeting Older Adults

hands holding a credit card and using a laptop

This blog post references an article from 2022 about financial scams. Since then, undoubtedly, new scams have popped up. It is best to be suspicious of any email you receive from an unrecognized source. Hover your cursor over the “from” field to reveal the full address of the sender. If it does not match the text or looks fishy, don’t click on any links in the email. If you are certain that it is spam, report it to your email provider – they are always improving their spam filters.

Some of the most common scams include senders impersonating a government agency, offers of fast financial gain, tech support impersonators, and robocalls.

The National Council on Aging offers a good guide on avoiding scams. Though none of us, even the most tech savvy, are not immune from falling for these scams, you can minimize your vulnerability.