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The Heartbreak and Hazards of Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / June 11, 2024

woman touching her face, looking stressed

by Dasha Kiper for Scientific American and the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative The vast majority of caregivers know full well that their spouses or parents are ill with Alzheimer’s, yet they still behave in ways they know are counterproductive: arguing, blaming, insisting on reality, and taking symptoms personally. Reasonableness is hardly our brain’s first priority. The …

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Caregiver Training: Wandering

KC Blog / By JCA / June 10, 2024

daughter and father having a discussion

from the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program This training video is from the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program Training series on Wandering (for those approaching or in the middle stages of dementia).  It’s a perfect topic to revisit during National Safety Month. Not every person who has dementia will wander but nearly everyone living …

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Introducing the JCA Executor’s Guide

Blog / By JCA / June 4, 2024

hands holding old photos

Preparing a will is widely recognized as an essential, responsible step in caring for our loved ones after we pass. Through a will, we can specify the distribution of remaining assets and secure our legacy. However, for those tasked with carrying out our wishes—the executor—the process is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. The JCA Executor’s Guide …

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May ’24 Senior Resources Guide: All You Need to Know About Oral Health

Blog / By JCA / May 30, 2024

man smiles at dentist

Do not neglect your oral health is the strong message from the latest Senior Resources Guide. Not only can it hurt a winning smile, but problems with your teeth and gums can lead to other serious health issues, especially if you end up favoring soft foods and don’t get the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits …

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Aging in Place – The Role of Villages

Blog, KC Blog / By JCA / May 29, 2024

group of older adults enjoying a picnic

What is a Village? Villages are a local, volunteer-led, grassroots organizations that aim to support community members who choose to age-in-place.  They foster social connections through activities and events and coordinate volunteer help at home using neighbor helping neighbor model. There are close to 200 villages ​es in the nation and around fifty in the DC …

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Why Only 1 in 6 Americans with Hearing Loss Wears Hearing Aids

Blog / By JCA / May 28, 2024

man with hearing aid uses mobile phone

by Cara Everett, MS, RDN, LDN for the National Council on Aging Hearing loss is a common condition in older adults, affecting 68% of Americans in their 70s and 90% in their 80s and older. It not only limits a person’s ability to communicate, but also increases the risk of significant health conditions, like dementia, depression, and anxiety. In …

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It’s Not Your Parents’ Retirement Anymore

Blog / By JCA / May 26, 2024

increasing stacks of money

by Kate Ashford for the Beacon Now that retirement spans more years than ever, you might need to rethink how you envision that stage of your life. Although Americans are retiring a little later than they did 30 years ago, they’re also living longer. Retirement isn’t a blip on the life radar — it’s a …

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Creating a Skills-Based Resume

Blog / By JCA / May 22, 2024

page with words "employability skills"

from the Center for Workforce Inclusion A competitive job market means it’s critical to put your best foot forward, starting with writing a great resume. The most common resume format is chronological, which doesn’t always highlight the diverse skills that older workers and people with non-traditional backgrounds offer. Opting for a skills-based resume instead allows …

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Senior Care Referral Site Omits Neglect Findings

Blog / By JCA / May 22, 2024

older woman with a sad face

A May 16, 2024 article in the Washington Post, Senior-care referral site ‘A Place for Mom’ stays mum on neglect, exposes the popular search site, A Place for Mom, as a paid advertising site. While their homepage claims “unbiased recommendations,” interviews and records show skewed testimonials and overlooked violations. The Post reviewed inspection reports and …

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What JCA Does Best

Blog / By JCA / May 21, 2024

Brad and Kensington Club member share a laugh

In our latest video, we highlight participants from the Heyman Interages Center, the Kensington Clubs, and SCSEP (Senior Community Service Empoyment Program). Each of the participants interviewed shows what JCA does best.

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