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Improve Your Personal Cyber Security

Blog / By JCA / March 6, 2024

man holding credit card looks at computer screen

from NCOA Avoiding Scams and Fraud for Older Adults: How Older Adults Can Improve Their Personal Cyber Security The web can be a rich source of information, connection, and community for older adults—something that became even clearer during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as with any public space, you need to be aware of your surroundings. …

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Successful Strategies for Aging

KC Blog / By JCA / March 6, 2024

smiling older man with a beard

The Alzheimer’s Association in partnership with MedStar Health presents Strategies for Successful Aging, a three-part series of virtual programs. As we age, we encounter new changes and challenges. During this 3-part series, our expert panelists will review popular areas of challenging change, and provide their guidance and tools. Please note you can attend one or …

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Hearing Loss and Anxiety: Why It Happens and How to Cope

Blog / By JCA / February 29, 2024

woman tries to comfort man

by Lauren Sherman, MS for NCOA Hearing loss can make communication and social interactions more challenging, which can potentially impact your overall well-being. Difficulty understanding conversations, feelings of isolation, concerns about missing important information, and the constant strain to compensate for hearing loss can contribute to heightened anxiety levels. Anxiety can affect hearing Somewhat unknown …

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What Exercises Can Help You Prevent a Fall?

Blog / By JCA / February 23, 2024

three women in dance studio

by Tiffany Shubert and Rebecca Elmitt for National Council on Aging Anyone of any age or ability can get stronger and improve their balance. And staying strong and having good balance are especially important for older adults. Why? Because staying strong and practicing balance skills are critical to managing your fall risk. The stronger your …

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Jewish Funerals and End-of-Life Traditions

Blog / By JCA / February 20, 2024

headstone with Jewish star and many pebbles

From our partner, Buried in Work This guide is also linked on our Resources page. Overview of Jewish End of Life Traditions Jewish end-of-life traditions are deeply rooted in history, religious texts, and cultural practices, reflecting a profound respect for life, the dignity of the deceased, and the process of grieving. These traditions offer comfort …

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Keeping The Well in Well-thy | Supporting a Loved One Diagnosed with Dementia

Uncategorized / By JCA / February 20, 2024

Barbara Archer

Tune in to a new episode of Keeping The Well in Well-thy | Supporting a Loved One Diagnosed with Dementia with Susy Elder Murphy, BA, CMC Dementia manifests in a variety of ways. In its early stages, it can be easily mistaken for mere forgetfulness or the natural aging process. However, understanding its root causes can …

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia Awareness and Fire & Safety Tips

KC Blog / By JCA / February 19, 2024

From the African American Health Program Attend one of these empowering events focused on Alzheimer’s & Dementia Awareness and Fire & Safety Tips. The collaboration between AAHP Aging Subcommittee and Montgomery County Fire & Safety aims to boost safety skills and offer support to families and individuals affected by Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Refreshments will be …

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8 Ways to Deal With False Dementia Accusations

KC Blog / By JCA / February 16, 2024

older woman stares blankly ahead

by Connie Chow for DailyCaring Seniors with dementia might make terrible accusations “You stole my wallet and all my money!” “You’re keeping me prisoner in my house!” “You’re trying to poison me!” Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia commonly accuse the people closest to them of theft, mistreatment, or other terrible things. While cases of true abuse do exist, …

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Webinar: Understanding, Connecting, and Creating Moments of Joy

KC Blog / By JCA / February 16, 2024

daughter and elderly mother look at each other and smile

Webinar announcement from CaringMatters Join CaringMatters for an important webinar to learn about Alzheimer’s and dementia, free resources from the Alzheimer’s Association and guidance on how to compassionately connect with people experiencing cognitive change.Long-time CaringMatters volunteer, Carolyn Schick, will share insights from her 23-year journey as a caregiver for her parents and how a special …

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The ‘UnRetiree’ Movement

Blog / By JCA / February 15, 2024

older woman works with a laptop

by Wendy Helfenbaum for reworked Remember “quiet quitting”? Well, it’s shifted into a “quiet return,” according to a recent Pew study. A growing number of older workers have been heading back to the office since the pandemic, in some cases in search of bridge jobs to combat the effects of high inflation, while others are being …

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