Senior Care Referral Site Omits Neglect Findings

older woman with a sad face

A May 16, 2024 article in the Washington Post, Senior-care referral site ‘A Place for Mom’ stays mum on neglect, exposes the popular search site, A Place for Mom, as a paid advertising site. While their homepage claims “unbiased recommendations,” interviews and records show skewed testimonials and overlooked violations. The Post reviewed inspection reports and found that more than a third of the facilities recommended by the referral service were cited for neglect or substandard care. A Place for Mom went further and awarded the substandard facilities for “exemplary care and support to aging loved ones.”

On the same page, the site claims that “Our advisors are not compensated based on which community in our network you choose. They are simply incented to help your family find the right solution that meets your needs.” and “We’re paid by our participating communities if a family member moves into a senior living community or signs up with a home care provider. Our personalized guidance is free to our families.”

The Post reporters reveal that sales managers “are coached by executives and managers to ask residents and families who appear to be having only a positive experience to submit a review.”

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For reliable unbiased information and referral, contact the Senior HelpLine, 240-290-3311 or 703-652-1515.