Three Vaccines Recommended for this Fall

three vaccine vials and a syringe

by Jim Miller for the Beacon

There are three different types of vaccines older adults should consider getting this fall to protect against a repeat of last winter’s “tripledemic” of respiratory illnesses, which included flu, RSV and coronavirus.

For people 65 and older, there are three flu vaccines that the CDC recommends over traditional flu shots. You only need one, of course.

Anyone age 60 and older, especially if you have any heart or lung conditions, diabetes, kidney or liver disorders that make you vulnerable to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), should consider getting one of the new FDA-approved RSV vaccines (either Arexvy or Abrysvo).

If you haven’t had a Covid booster shot lately, you should consider getting one this fall. Even though the Covid public health emergency has ended and the number of cases has gone way down, it has been resurgent in recent months, causing an increase in hospitalizations, especially among the elderly.

The updated Covid vaccine targets the XBB omicron subvariants that are some of the most dominate coronavirus variants circulating in the U.S. It will also provide protection against the EG.5 variant (Eris), which is closely related to the XBB.

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