The Importance of Adult Day Programs

Instructor helps woman make a paper flower

by Deb Hipp for Forbes

Adult day care centers and programs provide a safe, secure setting for older adults who need supervision during the day or who would benefit from additional social engagement outside their home.

“The main benefit of adult day care is delaying or preventing the move to a long-term residential care facility so older adults can live at home or in the community as long as possible,” says Elise Eifert, Ph.D., a gerontologist, assistant professor and gerontology graduate coordinator at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Benefits of adult day care can also include:

  • A safe, secure setting for adults with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or mobility issues who could wander from home, fall or injure themselves if left alone
  • Social activity and companionship, which can bolster mental and physical health
  • A reduced risk of falls with exercises that strengthen muscles and improve balance
  • Enhanced sleep quality as a result of consistent exercise and social activities
  • Reduced caregiver stress, burnout, anxiety and depression

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